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End of Watch Canine Foundation

Providing a retirement sanctuary for our K9 Hero's.

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German Shepherd

Who We Are

Our Mission

At the End of Watch Canine Foundation, our unwavering commitment is to honor and support the dedicated service of retired police and military canines by providing them with a loving home, comprehensive training, and essential medical care. As a non-profit organization, our mission is to ensure that these brave and loyal companions, who have selflessly served our communities and defended our nation, receive the respect, care, and quality of life they rightfully deserve in their well-earned retirement.

Home of Comfort and Care:

We offer a safe and nurturing environment for retired police and military canines to transition into their post-service lives. Our dedicated facilities provide spacious living areas, outdoor spaces for exercise, and an abundance of human interaction to ensure that each canine enjoys a comfortable and content retirement.

Tailored Training and Enrichment

We understand that these remarkable canines are accustomed to a life of purpose and activity. To fulfill their need for mental and physical stimulation, our expert trainers create customized enrichment programs that cater to the individual needs and capabilities of each canine. These programs include activities that not only maintain their skills but also contribute to their overall well-being.

Comprehensive Medical Support:

We believe in the importance of prioritizing the health and wellness of retired police and military canines. Our foundation covers all necessary medical expenses, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, specialized treatments, and surgeries. This ensures that these loyal companions receive prompt and top-tier medical care, enabling them to live their golden years in comfort and good health.

We are thankful for our Sponsors.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the End of Watch Canine Foundation's esteemed sponsors. Your unwavering support has played an indispensable role in our mission to enhance the safety and well-being of our communities through the dedication of our canine companions.

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Our Board of Directors


Meet our K9's

These retired K9s are more than just dogs; they're living legends who've played an integral role in keeping us safe. Now, they get to enjoy their golden years with the love, respect, and care they truly deserve.



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